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Audio Description Training Retreats

Making the visual world a more vivid place

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Audio Description Training Retreats provides affordable, unique, and high-quality virtual training experiences in the art of Audio Description (AD). Our classes are continually updated to reflect current trends in the industry, and maintain an emphasis on individual practice time, peer and expert feedback, and networking with fellow participants and industry professionals.

The AD industry is growing rapidly, and ADTR remains committed to giving each participant a strong foundation in all aspects of this service. Providing historical context, disability awareness, and a safe space for discussion and practice is an essential part of all ADTR offerings. ADTR classes begin with the fundamentals and then delve deeper into more specific skill sets involving film, TV, live performances, art, and more.

To learn more about us, our history, and our mission, go to About Us.

For details about courses and what is covered in our curriculum, see What We Offer.

To get in touch for details, applications, information, or to sponsor a student, contact us here!

Who should take this training?

Whether you want to start a new career or hone your skills in Audio Description, our trainings offer a comprehensive base for all avenues of the industry. Past students have included participants from the National Parks Service, universities, filmmakers, interpreters, disability advocates, voice talent, as well as individuals in the field of Audio Description. 


What is unique about this training?

Our trainings emphasize practice time as well as feedback from peers and instructors (one of whom is a blind patron of Audio Description herself). We limit our class size to small groups to ensure adequate time and attention for each student. Currently we offer virtual classes in a Zoom format, with 3-4 days of formal class time.


What do I get out of this training?

Once you complete our Fundamentals training, you will be added to ADTR’s network of graduates, providing support, networking, and resources. We also provide reference materials to take with you for continuing education, and recorded student performance clips which can be used as part of a demo or resume sample.


What’s the difference between the Fundamentals and Advanced courses?

Our Fundamentals class is required to introduce participants to the current trends in AD, learn vocabulary and roles within different professions, raise awareness of the disability community and accessibility, and to provide ADTR grads with a common ground to branch from as they work together in future courses. Our Advanced classes delve deeper into more specific aspects of AD, one with a focus on television and film, and one on live performances and events.

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