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Podcasts about Audio Description

Podcasts about AD

Current podcasts and episodes that cover all aspects of AD, and interviews. Podcasts are a wonderful way to listen in on current developments and real time consumer feedback. Colleen and Jan have been interviewed in several. (Reid My Mind, Talk Description to Me, Audio Description Narrators of America, etc.) 

The ADNA - Audio Description Network Alliance Podcast: Roy Samuelson interviews with AD professionals, from writers to narrators, engineers, and more. - *the podcasts are also available on Kindle as an e-book series

Talk Description to Me: Veteran describer JJ Hunt teams up with blind AD patron (and narrator) Christine Malec to describe everything from current events, to tattoos, to anything else you can think of.,

Picture This: a podcast about AD and visual entertainment, with interviews and other information.

Social Audio Description Podcast: Expanded and primary AD of movie trailers etc.

Blind Inspiration Cast: Colleen Connor’s advocacy work, consulting, and AD. Includes podcasts, YouTube Channel, and social media. Blind Inspiration Cast

Reid My Mind Radio: Features people with disabilities who are awesome, with a highly edited narrative style and music/sounds. Host Thomas Reid started the podcast as an intro to experiencing blindness as an adult, coordinator for conferences and doing advising and advocacy, reaching out to others adjusting to blindness. Now RMMR is a treasure trove of interviews with other blind and disabled experts and advocates, with an entire series pertaining to AD.

Say My Meme: Describing memes to the blind.

Individual Podcast Episodes about Audio Description:

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