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Upcoming Events & AD Community

Events Regarding Accessibility, Compliance, Community, & AD

2024 Leadership Exchange in Arts and Disability (LEAD) Conference

July 29 - August 2, 2024  in Seattle, Washington. "The LEAD® conference not only introduces those new to the field to cultural accessibility solutions, but provides ongoing learning, support, camaraderie, and inspiration."

AD Community and User Feedback

ADP Email List: The Audio Description Project’s group email list; lively and informative discussions of how to access and improve AD, by users of the service. To join, scroll down to ADP Discussion List at the bottom of the page, and click “subscribe to discussion list”. (Audio Description Project Contact Page - Email List)

Audio Description Discussion Facebook Group: a public Facebook group where AD issues, jobs, and articles are shared. (Audio Description Discussion | Facebook)

Twitter Audio Description Community (Audio Description Community | Twitter)

LinkedIn Audio Description Group (

Vocal Eye Monthly Describer Cafes: Tree meetup that is hosted by Vocal Eye and has different topics that directly relate to AD (

Reid My Mind Radio - Blind Centered AD Chats: This link takes you directly to all the blind centered talks about AD from host Thomas Reid. These are recordings of live chats that take place on Twitter and LinkedIn, etc., with a focus on centering the perspectives and experiences of the Blind and Low Vision community. (

Blind Film Critic YouTube Channel: John Stark (Youtube | Mac The Movie Guy) (

Audio Description critic and Tech Journalist Joe Clark: Excellent articles, including: Standard Techniques in Audio Description, an initial training and standardization document, Audio Description vs. Play-by-Play Commentary on Live TV, DVD accessibility, DVDs with audio description. Accessibility activist; web accessibility, captioning, audio description. Author of book: Building Accessible Websites. (

Joe Clark’s scathing reviews of Canadian audio description: good reading for what NOT to do. (

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